Front Page, Page 3 and the fight for the Back Cover

It’s the start of October and this week we’re starting to send out the advertising renewal notices.  This is necessary when the adverts booked for a run of editions have all finished.  So we need to see who wants to reserve space in the December edition and then the editions going forward into next year.  We try and see which of our usual advertisers want space before we can release too much space to new advertisers.  It’s always a real balancing act. 

It might seem early to be asking people to make decisions but in order to guarantee space and indeed the popular space, people need to let us know their intentions.  The artwork and details can wait a little longer but right now we need to know who is going to be with us for December!

There’s then the thorny issue of premium placings!  We effectively have to write to everyone about what space is available but actually that availability changes all the time.  So everything has to be ‘subject to availability’.  The popular ‘premium places’ such as the back cover can be booked up for some editions up to 2 years ahead.  Inside the front cover, the page facing it and then the page opposite the contents page are also in demand and clearly work very well.  In one case we’ve had the same advert booked into the same place for over 6 years!

It is important not to forget the back of the magazine.  Inside the back cover is classed as a premium position as many people do flick to the back of magazines first (I do).  Importantly, adverts inside the covers, or the back cover itself benefit from being printed on a much heavier paper.

The banner on the front cover is also bookable and causes its own problems.  It can (amongst other things) interfere with the choice of front cover image.  Sometimes we don’t have the artwork until the virtual last minute (although it is due in a week before other dead-lined items) so as with everything with this media 3D jigsaw type arrangement – it can force last minute changes and a whole lot of wriggling about!

So this week we will be emailing our advertisers with the renewal options and hoping that one way or another we can put everyone where they want to be!