Château Lamartine  by Alain Gayraud (translated)

In Soturac (46700) on sunny, south-facing terraces deep in the heart of the Cahors AOC territory you can find my family’s ancient vineyard of Château Lamartine where both its location and wine-making are steeped in centuries of tradition. 

This site dates back to Gallo-Roman times and is named after (reportedly) a beautiful girl called Martine who used to do her courting under a large, 100 year-old oak tree which grew next to where our current house was built.  Originally the property was named La Martine, in her honour, but it’s now contracted to Lamartine.

Here you’re in true Malbec grape territory - a variety of grape only-just saved from destruction following the Philloxera attack in 1878.  It was in 1920 that my tenacious and courageous grand-father, Edouard Sérougne, who shared his passion with other wine-makers; helped resurrect the Cahors wine production which was once on a larger scale than even that of Bordeaux.  He used to say “The ground doesn’t belong to us and we must leave it in the same condition as it was when entrusted to us” Indeed, I believe that it’s true that only with respect for the land can we produce great wine.

At Château Lamartine we produces three main wines from 35 hectares of vines.  The total production is about 200,000 bottles per year.

The AOC Cahors appellation is only used for red wines and the Château Lamartine (90% Malbec and 10% Merlot) is a classic example of such a wine.  It’s rounded, fruity and with a structure and ripeness that happily keeps for between 5 and 7 years.   To accompany this wine, I would suggest, the best of the South Western meats, maybe, duck or lamb.  However, it’ll also taste great with a little more spice, maybe Mediterranean cooking.

Then there’s the Cuvée Particulière, (90% Malbec and 10% Tannat) which represents half of the vineyard’s production and is distinguished by its carefully selected grapes all ripened with a maximum amount of sunshine; both necessary steps for the production of such a powerful, gourmet wine. It’s then aged in new oak barrels for a magnificent cuvee!  A cuvee that will offer an aromatic taste suggesting dark fruits and spices. This wine which can be kept to improve for 10 years and it accompanies all meats and cheeses with complete ease.

Then there is the highly refined Expression (100% Malbec). In this case, each vine only produces one bottle of this intense and complex wine.  The quality of the wine is enhanced by a 20 month period in new oak barrels and the wine suggests aromas of kirch and dark chocolate.  This wine is worth waiting for and once it’s ready to be drunk it’ll complement the area’s finest foods, including: wildfowl, hare, truffles and foie gras.  This is, without doubt, a Grand Cru ahead of its time!  This gem of a wine can be laid down for up to 20 years. 

For the summer months you can look out for and enjoy our Rosé wine which marvellously accompanies your lively, fresh summer meals.  Then, we have something to look forward to, in 2017 Château Lamartine will also produce a white wine which we expect to be fresh, complex and very graceful.

Here, at Château Lamartine, our vocation and passion is increasing the quality of our wines as far as humanely possible.  A family affair, each generation will add to what exists and further ennoble this prestigious vineyard.

All the team at Château Lamartine look forward to welcoming you; you’re assured the best of help, advice and attention. Contact:  05 65 36 54 14

published 3/2016