by Mandy Jameson                                                                                                     

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About the book

A pacey thriller about relationships and secrets, Landsliding is a gripping read from first page to last, with tension mounting to the totally unexpected end.

The plot sweeps the reader along at breakneck speed through clever twists and turns, with sympathies veering from one character to another as the narrative unfolds.

Julia and Brendan are trying to reconstruct their lives after failed relationships but neither is honest with the other about the past. Julia's priority is her son Matty, while Brendan is keen to create a fresh start and erase painful memories from his earlier life.

In telling their story, the author raises interesting questions about honesty, truth and guilt, with telling observations about the compromises made when relationships are formed.

The reader gradually realises both characters are hiding major events from when they were much younger - and, as the novel progresses, those secrets collide with a terrible inevitability.

WARNING: with more than its fair share of suspense and surprise, Landsliding is impossible to put down and may result in household chores remaining un-tackled!

About Mandy

Mandy Jameson has lived in Parisot (82) for nine years with husband Ian - who built her pigeonnier-style writing studio in the garden - and daughter Susannah, a languages student. Landsliding is her first novel.

he's a member of the prolific Parisot Writing Group which boasts other published authors as well as short story and flash fiction winners.

Says Mandy: 'Being part of the group is invaluable. At times, writing Landsliding, I felt like giving up - but the encouragement of my fellow members meant I couldn't. They wouldn't let me!

'The ten of us meet regularly to discuss our writing and give moral support when needed. Writing can be a lonely business so it's helpful having like-minded friends - we all trust each other 100%.’

'And,' she adds, 'we don't only talk about writing. Every now and then we have special group meals that involve frightening amounts of food - and maybe a few bottles of wine too.'

Mandy is working on her next novel which again highlights the theme of secrets and relationships. Meanwhile she's delighted with reactions to Landsliding'It's great that people are enjoying it so much and want to talk about the characters as if they're real!'

Landsliding is available:

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published 9/2017