Magazine advertising

Deadlines for adverts - March edition - deadline 3 Feb (if we are preparing the advert) and 8 Feb if it is coming 'camera ready'; May edition – deadline 3  April (if we are preparing the advert) and 8 April if it is coming 'camera ready';  July edition – deadline 3 June (if we are preparing the advert) and 8 June if it is coming 'camera ready'; September edition – deadline 3 August (if we are preparing the advert) and 8 August if it is coming 'camera ready'; December edition – deadline 3 November (if we are preparing the advert) or 8 November if it is coming 'camera ready'.

Prices are in euro and are per edition.  Excluding TVA – 20%

Périgord & Quercy Local

                              1/8 page             1/4 page               1/2 page             full page             

1 or 2 editions                       53                          90**                    130 **                242**           

3 or 4 editions                       48                          85                       120                    220             

5 editions                               44                          80                      110                     215     

NEW - we can arrange for payment by monthly direct debit - a great way of managing your costs. Do ask for details


For simultaneous advertising in both magazines we discount by 10% the second magazine costs.  Please note that the magazines will merge from the start of 2019.

** Seasonal events organised by non-professional/community groups - up to 12% discretionary discount from this rate.

All advertising must be paid for in full before we print.  Please note, free voucher copies of the magazines. can be sent on request, but only where all accounts are already paid in full.

For premium places in both magazine – see additional costs below.  

Front Cover-  1/8th page banner only -  200 euro  +TVA          

Inside front cover, p.3 or p.5   +  35%

Contents page (p.4)  - either 1/8th or 1/4 (landscape) + 35%           

Inside back cover  + 25 % 

Back Cover  + 90%                                                                                                        

Invoices can be paid by cheque (payable to Anna Atkinson) or by bank transfer.  If you prefer to use a debit/credit card or PayPal then please use the option on the emailed invoices.  We can also arrange a monthly direct debit facility.


Artwork - for preparing your advert or converting it from an unsuitable format (excluding TVA)

15 euro  -1/8 and 1/4 page adverts

25 euro  - 1/2 page and full page adverts

Charges for each amendment to an existing advert.

New images - 5 euro per advert

Small changes to text - 5 euro per advert

Major change to advert 10 euro for 1/8 and 1/4 page adverts, and 20 euro for 1/2 page or full page adverts, per advert


All images should be submitted in high resolution (300 dpi – for the correct size) - .jpeg. pdf, .png 

If you have any questions about this, please email –


Advert Sizes:   Full page 132 x 192 mm;  1/2 page 132 x 94 mm(or vertical 64 x 192 mm)

1/4 page - landscape 45.5 x 132 mm or portrait 64 x 94 mm

1/8 page 45.5 x 64 or as a banner 132 x 22.5 mm



In some cases (perhaps new businesses) we may arrange an Advertorial - which is always one full page and where a short editorial is written about a business which is laid out with supplied images.

The cost for this is 130 euro plus tva (both magazines) - which must be paid by the due date of the invoice.   

We would ask you to supply 200 words of text plus all contact details on a simple word document.  

Please also email as attachments 6 photos (including your logo if you have one) these photos MUST be high resolution and of good quality.    If we have to do additional work relating to poor images or late changes we reserve the right to make an artwork charge of 20 euros plus tva.

Text and images must be received by the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication.

As these are primarily editorial insertions - once the text is agreed the editor retains the right to arrange the layout of the page.

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