Feeling the need for a ‘bit of a break’ Anna went to take a look at historical Rocamadour. ..

I went for 3 days at the end of May, there were lots of visitors in the town and a real mix of nationalities; literally people from all over the world.  I stayed at the Beau Site Hotel which is right in the middle of the ‘action’ – café bars, gift shops and is surrounded by restaurants which clinked glasses from late-afternoon as they prepared for dinner.  My bedroom’s large windows opened, to one side, over these happy scenes and to the other side they displayed the ancient buildings above.

The hotel is in two parts.  The main building, where I stayed, backed onto the rock face and the restaurant, terrace and bar were across the narrow road and enjoyed great views of the gorge that fell right away below.  The hotel has an impressive almost ‘baronial’ reception.   The staff were all lovely, helpful and extremely thoughtful. The restaurant was ‘not to be missed’ and breakfast a real treat.

Parking, well that could’ve been a nightmare – but for hotels and restaurants cars are allowed along the street.  The hotel had a small car park and they managed guests’ cars with amazing dexterity. 

Travelling with me was my small dog, Mimi.  She was welcomed at the hotel and the town in general with plenty of bowls of water left out for passing dogs.  She’s a good girl and enjoyed the very best of local fare.  On the subject of ‘local fare’ things are not so different to the rest of the region.  Except, of course, the wonderful local goats’ cheese which is served for every meal of the day.

Whether your interest is in the town’s religion, history or architecture, if you’ve not been before you are almost bound to be impressed.  Yes, there’s a degree of commercialisation - but the place has to survive somehow!  To explore you need to cope with flights of stone steps.  Alternatively, you can take the little lift through the rocks to the next level and then take a tilt lift to the top.

Rocamadour offers different things to different people.  Go to admire the history, sacred places, wonder at the medieval architecture or just go for some peace and a change of scene.  Best of all you’re still not far from home, no days wasted in the car and your packing will not have had time to get creased.

published 7/2017