Stefaan Eyckmans

A Modern Master at Work

Stefaan Eyckmans was born in Niel, a Flemish village lying in the shadows of Antwerp.  The son of a painter, he soon discovered a love of art.  Now, ‘some’ years later, Stefaan has a great reputation as a still-life painter.  Since the early 1990s he’s created timeless compositions with ‘more-or-less’ everyday objects whilst keeping one eye  firmly on the techniques of Willem van Aelst, Pieter Claesz,  Heda, and other17thC Flemish and Dutch masters.  

Stefaan’s work is a marriage of the tonal techniques used by the early masters and contemporary materials, colours and objects.  This is a union which has blossomed into a modern realism with its roots firmly bedded in centuries-old traditional art.

Importantly, however, whereas the early masters loved to illustrate opulence and wealth, Stefaan’s ‘still life’ offers sobriety and humility; whilst showing composition and form at its very best.  The reality that he creates radiates a tranquillity and balance that offers real serenity.  Or, as Stefaan describes his work ‘as emergency exits from our stressed, consumer-society’. 

In 2010 Stefaan moved to a quiet corner of the Quercy Blanc region to a home which nestles within the vineyards of Cahors.   Choosing a quiet space for his home and studio has coincided with Stefaan’s work becoming represented internationally by some very well-renowned galleries including in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, and recently a beautiful gallery in Paris, the capital of his new homeland!

In 2012 Stefaan started to exhibit from his studio during the 2nd and 3rd weekends of July. These ‘exhibitions’ proved hugely popular and very successful; providing an opportunity for people to see first-hand art that would, otherwise, have required visits to distant cities. 

During these summer exhibitions visitors have commented that they would like to learn more about the techniques and materials that Stefaan uses, and also possibly see him working.  So this year there’s a different approach.  Stefaan will open his studio doors during the summer but it will not be for an exhibition; the studio will remain in ‘painting mode’ and visitors will be able to see how the paintings are created and have a chance to understand some classic painting techniques.   It will be possible for people to return several times to follow the evolution of a particular painting.

Opening for a longer period over the summer means that people visiting the region after July will also be able to visit.   The studio will be opening in July and August on Wednesdays and Saturdays (15.00 -19.00) outside of these dates and times – appointments can be made (including for September).  Indeed people are welcome at any time of year by appointment.

And of course…. an ‘apéro’ will never be far away.

(published 2017)