Come on .... Tell us all about it . . .

Come on .... Tell us all about it . . .


If you wish to submit any editorial, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know what you are planning.  Please note our copy deadline dates.

We pay for some of the best editorial sent to us. Please see here for more information about the very specific outlines for paid submissions.

March edition - deadline 1st Feb

June edition – deadline 1st May

September edition – deadline 1st August

December edition – deadline 1st November

Sometimes our regular contributors may need to extend these dates (for instance if the article is about and event that does not coincide with these dates) in which case please contact us and we may be able to work around this. 

For your information, here is an idea of the required word counts.

  • Full page, no images = 750-800 words

  • Full page with one or two images = 500-600 words

  • Half page, no images = 350-400 words

  • Half page, with one image = 250-300

A few point to note

  • We are delighted to hear from as many people as possible and we are often over-subscribed. If you would like to submit something please check the list below.

  • Articles should be submitted on a word document attached to an email - not a pdf file or within the body of an email. Text should be single-line spaced with a double spacing between paragraphs, no indentation and a plain font.

  • Please consider our word counts (noted above) - for new contributors we are unlikely to agree to more than one page submissions.

  • Images must be forwarded as attachments to an email (not embedded in the text please) and should be copyright free and you must undertake to ensure that you have permission to use these images. Only high quality images can be used (minimum of 300 .dpi and in a .jpeg or .tiff file format.)

  • Please consider whether the subject matter is suitable. It needs to be relevant to the region, not likely to cause offence, and written in a good style of English with a minimum amount of correction required. We do receive a large number of articles outlining 'our move to France', we cannot possibly use them all - so your tale needs to be highly original and just a bit different.

  • We are unlikely to be able to use any submission of text without any images to illustrate. You must have permission for us to publish any images submitted. We always reserve the right to substitute our own images.

  • We reserve the right not to use any material submitted and to edit any material submitted.

  • For unpaid submissions it is appropriate to include contact details of your business/organisation (as appropriate).

  • Editor's decision is final.