Tournon d'Agenais

A beautiful bastide (fortified village) in the Lot et Garonne but close to the Tarn et Garonne. Perched high on a hill and visible from miles around.  There are two sections to the village the old and original one (high up) and the newer one before you climb up the hill.

Tournon d’Agenais dates back to the end of the 13th century when it when it was founded by Raymond VII Count of Toulouse.  The original 13th century gateway still exists and forms a grand entrance to the old village square.

The village is on the pilgrim trail of St Jaques de Compostella pilgrimage route and one of the most popular sites is the Old Belfrey with its intriguing lunar clock, the clock was added 200 years after the tower was built in the 17th century.

Also worth noting is Abescat on Rue de l'Ecole, formerly a house for the Bishops of Agen but was also used as a church for 200 years.  In the Place de l'Eglise there was once an ancient castle but this has been replaced by a church and a convent.

There are two key fairs that are worth looking out for.  The first is the flower fair on the 1st of May.  Here the entire centre of the old village is turned into a sea of floral joy.  You will need to leave the car at the bottom of town and either walk or take the provided transport up to the top.

Then in August there is the renowned pie festival which pays tribute to the town's famous dessert, 'tourtiere', a delicious pie made from apples and thin pastry.

There is a bakers and a small shop at the lower part of the village, here you will also find a restaurant on the roundabout.  There are places to eat at the top of the village but these are unlikely to be open outside of summer.