Where to find a copy

Where we deliver to is an ever-evolving story as is the map below (currently being updated):  Shown below are the places that receive regular deliveries.  If you cannot see a copy - do ask them for one! Some supermarkets have display boxes in their entrances, or just after the tills. Some times these get pushed out of the way - please feel free to pull it back to where it can be seen.  One or two of our distribution points - only operate in the summer months. We welcome suggestions for drop off points.

Quercy Local Distribution - click on map for more detail

Perigord Local Distribution -  still being constructed.

Agen - Tourist Office

Auvillar - Bakers and Tourist Office

Beauville - Hotel Midi, Bakers, Bar, Tourist Office, Bon Coeur (charity shop)

Belfort en Quercy -  Domaine du Merchien

Bergerac airport (Buggs Car Hire)

Bourg de Visa - Bar

Bruniquel - Tourist Office

Cahors - Tourist Office, LeClerc (Pradines), English Library, Cafe Bordeaux,  Au Coin Gourmand,

Cancon - Bakers (Marson)

Cajarc - Bakers (Largarde Jean-Luc), Intermarche, Restaurant L'Allee des Vignes

Castelnaud-de-Gratecambe - Golf Club Bar

Castelnau Montratier - Tourist Office, Spar, Bar 17, Bakers

Catus - Bakers and Tourist Office

Caussade - Irish Bar, Bakers (Cournille Philippe), Bakers (Picard), Tourist Office

Caylus - Tourist Office, Bakers (Meric), Les Jardins des Espiemonts

Castelsagrat - Bakers, Bar, Boutique Anglaise

Castilliones - Supermarket

Cazals - Bakers (Aux Saveurs d'Antan)

Cazes Mondenard - Bakers and Bar

Dausse - Art Broc Cafe, Village Shop

Douelle - Bakers

Dunes - Bakers

Duravel - Bakers, Tourist Office

Frassinet le Gelat - Bakers (Dimitri Fabien)

Fumel - Tourist Office, Bakers (Mon Ange)

Goujounac - Hostellerie

Gourdon - Bakers (Stephane Leduc), Intermarche

Grezels  -  Restaurant  La Guinguette

Issigeac - Tourist Office, Bar l'Europe, Restaurant de l'Ancienne Gare

Labastide du Vert - Bakers

Lafrancaise - Carrefour, Bakers (Denti)

Lalande - Bakers

Lalbenque - Le Bistronome Lalbenque

Lamagdelaine - Bakers

La Magere - Bakers

Laroque Timbault  - Supermarket

Lauzerte - Supermarket, Tabac, Tourist Office, Bar Aulery

Limogne en Quercy - Tourist Office, Bar Le Galopin

Luzech - Tourist Office, Bakers (Lasjaunias Freres)

Mauroux - Tourist Office

Miramont de Quercy - Auberge

Moissac - Tourist Office, Bar Le Paris, Maison Mecoen (Boulangerie), Maison Mecoen (Patisserie)

Molieres - Bakers (Denti Patrick)

Monclar de Quercy - Bakers (Nicolas M et M)

Monpazier - Bakers (Guilmain), Tourist Office

Monflanquin - Tourist Office, Bakers (Audubert)

Montagnac Sur Lede - Cafe des Allees

Montaigu de Quercy - Tourist Office, Supermarket, Bakers, P'tea Salon, 

Montauban - Leclerc Aussonne

Montayral - Bakers, Choc o Lot

Montclera - Restaurant Montclera

Montcuq - Carrefour, Cafe de France, Tourist Office, Bakers

Montpezat en Quercy - Tourist Office, Bakers, Bar/Tabac Quercy, Restaurant La Cantina

Montricoux - Bakers (Pain d'Epice)

Parisot - Charity Shop

Penne d’Agenais - Restaurant Le Peyragude, Tourist Office, Bakers (Biette Alain)

Pontcirq - Domaine de Laborie

Prayssac - Immo 46, Tourist Office, Carrefour, Bakers/Cafe de The (Au Paradis Gourmand)

Pujols - Bakers - Maison Guilhem

Puylaroque - Bakers (L'Etoile de Saveurs), Bar Les Marronniers

Puy L'Eveque - Tourist Office, Intermarche, Bakers (Lascazes), Domaine des Sangliers

Puymirol - Bakers (Le Fournil de la Bastide)

Roquecor - Bar, Cafe, Shop and Art Gallery,

St Maurin - Village Shop

Salviac - Tourist Office, Bakers (La Gourmandise)

Sauzet - Bakers

Septfond - Bakers (Le Fournil  Septfontois)

St Antonin Noble Val - Tourist Office, Bakers (Donnadieu Bernard), Carrefour, Bar (Cafe de la Halle), Restaurant Gazpacho 

St Daunes - Restaurant L'Ecole

St Sylvestre sur Lot - Bakers (Maison Guilhem)

Tournon d’Agenais, Bakers, Hotel Voyagers, Beaux Village Immobilier

Touffailles - Bakers

Touzac - Bar

Valence D'Agen - Tourist Office, Bakers (Secrets de Pain), Casino supermarket

Varaire - Spar

Vers - Bakers - summer edition only

Villefranche du Perigord - Tourist Office

Villereal - Intermarche, Bakers (Au Four A Pain)

Vire sur Lot - Le Caillau Restaurant